Fellowship and Training

Surgery Center of Viera features SPINE – Spinal Patient Integrated Network for Education.  SPINE consists of a range of educational, training, and fellowship opportunities.

Our cadaver lab enables safe hands-on training and demonstrations of new devices, hardware and procedures.  SCV’s conference room with fully integrated AV system provides realtime interactive sessions between the audience and the OR personnel during cadaver workshops or even live surgery.

Some of our fellowships include:

1. Mini complex spinal surgery fellowship.   Learn how to perform OUTPATIENT complex spine. This 1 week to up to 1 year surgical fellowship offers intense training in the evaluation and management of patients with degenerative or traumatic spinal conditions. The faculty include board certified spine neurosurgeon Dr. Ara Deukmedjian and board certified interventional pain specialist Dr. Bharat Patel. The fellow will learn how to manage spinal conditions via a state of the art multi-specialty approach with proven success in curing almost every cause of back or neck pain commonly encountered in private practice. This fellowship will provide the surgeon with the diagnostic skills to make the correct diagnosis as to the cause of back or neck pain and the surgical skills to treat the source of pain safely and effectively. The faculty at Deuk Spine Institute have been performing outpatient complex spinal surgery and diagnostic interventional procedures for years with minimal complications and very successful outcomes. faculty are active in publishing studies in peer reviewed journals. Fellows will also have the opportunity to become part of the research team and publish clinical papers. Fellowship Certificate in complex spine available upon completion. Surgeries will be performed outpatient at the surgery center and inpatient at hospital.

2. Mini Interventional Pain Management Fellowship.   Learn how to diagnose and treat back and neck pain. This 1 week up to 1 year fellowship will focus on development of clinical skills in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic back and neck pain. Faculty include Dr. Deukmedjian (neurosurgeon), Dr. B Patel (interventional pain management, sports medicine, physiatry and electrodiagnostics), and Dr. Schrumpf (therapy). The fellow will learn the correct diagnostic algorithm for back and neck pain that will result in excellent treatment results with highly successful outcomes and minimal complication rate. The fellow will train to perform diagnostic facet blocks, discography (cervical and lumbar), nerve root blocks, facet joint injections and principles of electrodiagnostics. Fellowship certificate is provided once complete. All procedures will be performed at the surgery center.

3. Diagnosis Clinic.   Learn how to differentiate the different sources of back or neck pain from experts. Successful treatment of pain requires localizing the pain to its source. Back and neck pain can be localized to its source(s) over 95% of the time. Once the anatomical source of pain is identified, it can easily be treated to cure with either surgery, needle based treatments or therapy or a combination. Deuk Spine Institute has successfully developed protocols for diagnosing the sources of pain and we will share our methods with the course participants. The participant will spend each day in clinic with experienced spine faculty of Deuk Spine Institute, learning the “Art of diagnosing” the sources of pain and other neurological symptoms. This course duration is 1 week up to 1 year. Once completed the participant will be able to diagnose the cause of back or neck pain and recommend appropriate treatment. Participants patients will benefit from more accurate diagnosis and treatments.

For more detailed information regarding our fellowship and training opportunities please contact us at (321) 255-6670.